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Our Heritage

Creating Safer Havens, One Country at a time

  • 1994

    Founder Bjørn Nicolaisen is introduced to a miraculous cloth that could effectively clean a very dirty windshield using microfiber and water.


    Watch this video to hear the story that took 25 years in the making! 

    As a result, the Norwegian operation opens as Eidsvoll Miljøprodukter and the revolutionary “Cleaning without Chemicals” approach—which focuses on reducing the use of chemicals to clean homes—is born.

    The Norwegian business grows quickly throughout the country. To support the growth, the company maintains its modest building and invests the profits into creating support systems for Consultants. From the beginning our Consultants, Customers and employees are our most valuable assets.

    Miraculous cloth
  • 1999

    Eidsvoll Miljøprodukter opens Norwex Enviro Products, its first daughter company, after the “little red cloth” makes its way to Canada. This marks the first company to bear the Norwex name in North America.

    Norwex Enviro Products Opened
  • 2004



    Norwex Baltic is established in Riga, Latvia, and now services Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

    baltic flags



  • 2007


    Norwex introduces a new microfiber with microsilver, now known as BacLock® technology. Success with this new product pushes us to the forefront of the industry.



    New Microfiber with microsilver
  • 2008

    Norwex Australia officially opens. The Norwex Mission and focus on the environment and improving quality of life resonate with this market, making Australia the third-largest market in the global family.


    Superior personal care products, including natural and organic options without harmful chemicals, are added to the expanding product line to address growing consumer demand.


    Norwex adopts mission:

    Improving quality of life

    by radically reducing the use of chemicals

    in personal care and cleaning



    Norwex Australia officially opens
  • 2009

    Norwex opens its own production facility in China to ensure quality and meet the growing demand for Norwex Microfiber.

  • 2010

    Norwex Canada headquarters expands to meet the growing North American needs.

    Norwex Canada headquarters expands
  • 2011

    Norwex continues to grow with the official opening of Norwex USA. An expanded line of personal care products is also introduced.

    Norwex USA Opens
  • 2013

    The Norwex USA Distribution Center celebrates its grand opening. This new facility is complete with a highly automated order processing system designed to ensure the best service possible.

    Norwex USA Distribution Center celebrates its Grand Opening
  • 2014

    In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we expand our Mission:

    norwex logoImproving quality of life
    by radically reducing chemicals
    in our homes.



    As a reflection of the new Mission, we also launch a new logo featuring a water droplet, leaf, home and circle.

    The water droplet—part of the Norwex legacy from the beginning—signifies purity and no harmful chemicals.

    The leaf reflects our commitment to protect nature and the environment.

    house iconThe home symbolizes our Mission to create safe havens around the world.

    The circle represents the global nature of our Mission and Vision.

    Together, they stand as a powerful symbol of what Norwex represents.

    2014 20th anniversary
  • 2015


    The Norwex Movement (initially known as RACE — Race Against Chemicals in the Environment) is launched. In support of the movement, a new website brings together our global community of like-minded individuals and provides important information about what we can do collectively to make a positive impact on the environment.




    Norwex introduced Next Generation Microfiber.

    Thicker and more absorbent microfiber to pick up even more dust, dirt and debris.





    2015 Norwex Movement launched
  • 2016

    Norwex continues to expand in Europe, as Norwex Sweden opens for operation.


    Norwex commissions The Washed Ashore Project to create an original sculpture, "Nora, the Leaping Salmon." Norwex Consultants helped construct the six-foot salmon, which is made entirely of marine debris. Nora is exhibited in galleries across the U.S. and Canada.


    Norwex Real People, Real Impact campaign launches.

    We’re not just a company, we’re a promise for a brighter future for our families, our consultants
    and our planet. We are real people making a real impact for generations to come.


    2016 Washed Ashore Project
  • 2017

    The Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future is making a difference in the lives of others through programs such as Grassroots Charitable Giving to local organizations, Charitable Partnerships with global impact and Norwex Cares Disaster Kits that aid in care and clean up after a natural disaster.

    Norwex opens The Norwex Institute for Textile Innovation & Manufacturing to continue innovations in microfiber.

    Norwex Austria opens.

    Norwex introduces Recycled Microfiber.

    First USDA Biobased product introduced.

    2017 The Norwex Foundation
  • 2018

    We open our EMP Research and Manufacturing Institute here in the US to innovate, develop, and manufacture our own products designed to reduce harmful chemicals and improve quality of life.

    2018 Norwex EMP
  • 2019

    Celebrating our 25th anniversary- 25 years of creating healthy homes and improving quality of life! Norwex is now the most prominent Microfiber company advocating for using far fewer harmful chemicals in our homes.


    Norwex has joined forces with a new packaging partner to launch a more sustainable alternative to virgin plastic for the 12-ounce bottles used in our cleaning products.

    malaysian flag

    Norwex Malaysia opens. 


    Norwex has partnered with the SeaBin Project, to install 10 SeaBins in harbors around Malta to help keep them clean and reduce the plastics in our oceans.

    Season Logo


    2019 Norwex 25th Anniversary
  • 2020


    Norwex continues to share sustainable solutions to reducing harmful chemicals from homes around the globe.



    Norwex is awarded the Standard by OEKO-TEX® certification.

    The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label is perfectly aligned with the Norwex Mission and certifies that every component of the product—from yarn, thread, dye and trim to buttons, elastic and zippers—has been tested and found to be free of harmful substances; so in essence, it is harmless to human health and will not release harmful substances into the environment.



    2020 catalog

Our Global Mission

Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.

What will your legacy be?

A Norwex home business can help you create a brighter future for your family - and for the planet.

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